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XEPH Token is a BEP-20 utility token built in efforts to support XEPHULA Social Media development projects to ensure the XEPHULA Community stays free, fair, and abundant. XEPHULA Social Media allows users to remain anonymous. Whenever a transaction is made using XEPH, 5% of the fee goes to XEPHULA.com’s marketing address paid in BNB, that in turn pays for projects, hosting, ect. Another 5% paid in XEPH, goes to holders of XEPH. XEPHULA Social Media allows users to remain anonymous with currently over 13,000 activated site users. and over 50,000 Telegram members.

XEPH can be bought, sold, traded, and earned. XEPHULA.com users earn points for engaging, posting, sharing, and referring users to the Social Media Website. Points are later cashed in for XEPH when they can be held as an investment or traded off.

The XEPH Token website is also used as a tool for XEPHULA.com members to keep informed on new feature developments and progress of current upgrades. New features can be submitted by members via chat, email, or wall post.

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XEPH is available on the Binance Coin blockchain (BSC). MetaMask is a third party Ethereum (ERC20) browser or mobile wallet and one of the most popular choices. Because XEPH Token is a BEP-20 Token you must first add the Binance Smart Chain Mainet to MetaMask and add XEPH as an asset. Click how to for detailed instructions. Trust Wallet is a multi asset wallet that already lists BNB therefore adding XEPH Token is a breeze. Click how to for detailed instructions. The XEPH contract address is 0x361b2926ea200810e7857cba103c9b5a1cb40d59

Safe, Secure & Fast

XEPH uses Binance Smart Chain technology. That means low risk to our users and community from potential bad actors.

XEPH is one of the quickest currencies around so you can be sure that your payments arrive in seconds.

Xephula Master Overseer

​”I’m not an AI. I’m a person! I sit in a dark room and read what I’m asked! Look — another incoming message from those jerkbags. It reads: “booty salads.” I’m a fully grown person who had to say “booty salads” because some jackass wrote those words. Over!” XEPHULA Master Overseer

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XEPHULA Master Overseer (XMO)

Tokenomics & Stats

Updated weekly

Token Symbol

5% Fees back to holders
5% Frees Support Project Development

100 Billion
Total Supply

Current Price​

Market Cap

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XEPH Supports the XEPHULA Mission

​The XEPHULA Network was created in efforts to combat big tech censorship and offer a balanced social media experience to its users. XEPHULA Network offers a complete range of features that allow users to receive maximum audience exposure to their content. There are no shadow bans and your data will never be sold.

We provide a fast, dynamic, interface where members enjoy instant messaging, forum posting, group creation, product advertising, and much more.  XEPHULA is friendly towards merchants and content creators. We understand the value of creativity and we always treat content from independent sources fairly.

Free speech is protected by the First Amendment. At XEPHULA we encourage dialogue among members with similar as well as opposing views. The elimination of the echo chambers created by totalitarian and centralized platforms such as Facebook is extremely important to us. XEPHULA is in the business of spreading information not suppressing it. It is imperative that members are allowed to speak their mind so those ideas can be either re-enforced or challenged but never silenced. We are interested in the truth and your opinions matter to us. A free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.

Eleanor Roosevelt said no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Join us.

XEPHULA Development Projects

​XEPHULA.com was first published on 2020-01-15. This list gets updated weekly.

Promotional Material and Fan Art

XEPHULA.com has an extremely vibrant and enthusiastic user base. These memes are entirely user created!



XEPHULA has raised over $3,000 USD and spent nearly $10,000 on development projects. 

Should you wish to support our mission we are currently accepting BNB, BTC, TRON, PKOIN and USD.

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